Faculty today

Faculty today

The Department of Theory and History of State and Law is a structural subdivision of the University and the Educational and Scientific Law Institute, which conducts educational and methodical work in a number of related disciplines, carries out scientific and research activities in certain areas.

Head of the department: prof. Adamovich SV.

The department has 5 full-time teachers, namely: prof. Adamovich SV, docent Pristash LT, Assoc. Andriuk VV, lecturer Savetchuk NM, Assoc. Prof. Pitlyovana VP Also, the educational process is provided by 5 part-time teachers: prof. Svorak SD, assoc. Sikora V.E., prof . Shinkaruk YI, teacher Danilyuk MB, prof. Knish VV.

The department provides reading of disciplines for full-time and part-time students majoring in 081 “Law” at the Educational and Scientific Law Institute, in particular: “History of State and Law of Ukraine”, “Theory of State and Law”, “History of State and Law of Foreign Countries”, “History doctrine of state and law”; “Public speaking”; “Legal statistics”; “Modern Legal systems”;- for students with a bachelor’s degree, “Philosophy of law and methodology of scientific research”; “Electoral process”; “Democracy in the state legal construction of Ukraine ”,“ State system and local self-government in Ukraine ”,“ Legal technique ”,“ Comparative jurisprudence ”- for students of the educational degree“ Master ”, and also the teaching of the discipline“ Jurisprudence ”for non-legal specialties is provided.

The educational process is fully provided with educational, methodical, and informational materials, the development and improvement of which is constantly provided by the teaching staff of the department.

Given that the Educational and Scientific Law Institute, in addition to the general university scientific library opened a library of professional legal literature, the teachers of the department take part in replenishing and updating the institute library with the latest legislation, educational and methodological literature, textbooks, and manuals.

Teachers of the department take part in various scientific conferences, the reports for university student conferences are prepared under their guidance

Teachers of department theory and history country and law.

           Staff workes of department:

  1. Adamovych Sergiy Vasuliovych- manager of department, doctor of historical sciences, professor;

2. Svorak Stepan Dmytrovych- doctor of jurisprudence, professor;

3. Prystash Lidia Tychonivna – lecturer, doctor of law;

4. Andriuk Volodymyr Volodymyrovich- lecturer, doctor of law;

5. Savetchuk Natalia Mychailivna – teacher of department;

6. Ostapyak Mykola Mykhailovych – teacher of department.

 Part-time professors:

7.Shynkaruk Yaroslaw Ivanovych – doctor of law, lecturer;