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carried out within the approved topic of research work:

“State-building processes in Eastern Galicia in the 20th century”

(state registration number 0121U114063)

Scientific supervisor: Doctor of Science, Professor S.V. Adamovych;
deadlines: 1.12.2021-1.12.2031;
field of application: research and development in the field of social sciences.


Scientific conferences

On December 2. 2022, the educational and scientific legal institute named after Vasyl Stefanyk held a scientific and practical conference “Russian war crimes – from documentation to punishment”.

Scientists from other regions of Ukraine, including international partners from Poland and the Czech Republic, also joined her via video link.

As Serhii Adamovych, doctor of historical sciences, professor, head of the public organization “Progressive Group of Frankivites” told, the purpose of the conference is to collect, record the war crimes of the occupiers against Ukraine and bring them to justice.

“It’s about the fact that we don’t know exactly when the war will end. The crimes committed by Russia against the population of Ukraine have no analogues in the history of crimes. And we are working on documenting the evidence base for the international court, because criminals must be punished,” Adamovych is convinced.

According to him, 330 protocols have now been drawn up, testimonies have been collected from witnesses by the Center for Documentation and Research of War Crimes of the Educational and Scientific Institute named after V. Stefanyka.

Ihor Kozych, head of the department of politics in the field of combating crime and criminal law of PNU named after Stefanyka says that since the beginning of the full-scale invasion of Russia, the institute began working in the field of trying to record war crimes.

Students who worked with internally displaced persons were also involved in the collection of testimonies.

“In order to hold Russia accountable, there must be evidence. We are still actively working on this. We have also involved international partners who have experience in the field of international legislation on the recording of crimes,” the scientist notes.
Subsequently, all developed materials will be handed over to the competent authorities.

International scientific and practical conference “Ukrainian-Slovak military units of the Austro-Hungarian army in the Great War: on the way to independence”

The organizers of the conference were the department of theory and history of the state and law and the department of the history of Central and Eastern Europe and special branches of historical science of the Prykarpattia National University named after Vasyl Stefanyk, KP Ivano-Frankivsk Regional Council on Finding and Reburying Victims of Wars, Deportations and Repressions of Totalitarian Regimes “Pam “Yat”, KP “Space of Innovative Creations “Palace” and NGO “Gradual Group of Frankivians”.


IX All-Ukrainian Scientific Conference “Congregation as a Fundamental Component of the Ideology of Ukrainian Nationalism”

On April 17, 2021, in the city of Ivano-Frankivsk, within the framework of the theme “Ideology of Ukrainian nationalism at the current stage of the development of the Ukrainian state”, the IX All-Ukrainian scientific conference “Congregation as a fundamental component of the ideology of Ukrainian nationalism”, dedicated to the 130th anniversary of the birth of Yevhen Konovaltsi The Department of Theory and History of the State and Law acted as a co-organizer of the conference.

The materials of the conference are published in the scientific collection before the start of the conference. The scientific event was held in face-to-face format, and under the conditions of preservation of quarantine restrictions, in online conference mode with the invitation of a limited number of speakers. 37 scientists took part in the conference, including 10 doctors of science, 17 candidates of science, as well as students and post-graduate students.